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An Introduction

Behold my words on this humble blog of mine. I shall start with a history of me, your glorious host. I was born a lowly yet beautiful child, a controller in my hands, and a console betwixt my legs.

Alright serious time. I think we talked about our start into video games in an episode but I will go a little more in depth here and maybe add to in future posts.

I remember the first console I had was a Super NES. I loved that damned thing like crazy. Every time we got money my brother and I would always look for more games to get. On one of our trips to a local game store I found a game called Street Fighter 2, being a lover of kung fu movies and being forced to get two player games by my parents I bought it. That game was what started my love for fighting games, though I never get to play them.  I don’t recall many of the games we had but I do remember Megaman X, a game which cemented my love for Megaman and all his incarnations. There was Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time which my brother and I would play constantly. Super Mario world was a favorite as well despite having our saves deleted on multiple occasions by a spiteful little sister. My favorite that I remember was Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, to this day I believe it to be the best game in the series. Before we got the Super NES all I had played before was a couple games on a friends NES, most prominently being Super Mario bros 3 which I believe is the first video game I had contact with.

The SNES was an amazing system and really it caused my love for Nintendo , a love that my co-hosts don’t quite share. Not that they don’t like Nintendo but, they just don’t have that same reverence for it that they do for companies like Sony or Square-Enix. I’d like to add some Nintendo games to [NUDE] Clan’s  reviews. I would love to get some Pokemon going. Maybe with Sun and Moon? Anyway there is a little history for you, I’ll be sure to post more and I’ll do some mini reviews for the games outside the [NUDE] Clan ones.

I want exactly four-hundred words but how shall I do it?

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