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The quest for animation

Some may know of my goal to watch all the theatrical released animated films. The reason I am doing this is because of a conversation I had with Joe. We were talking about movies ( a common subject for us especially around Joe) and the subject of animated movies came up, then Joe mentioned how since there aren’t that many animated films released theatrically someone could theoretically watch them all and be a animated film expert. So that has become a long term goal for me. To watch all the animated movies released in theaters world wide. Unfortunately there is no list of movies that I can do the whole scratch off the ones you’ve seen for animated films, that I’ve been able to find. So that means I’ll probably have to hunt down several lists and combine them. All in the name of hog and lists.

Joe claims he will assist me in finding the ultimate list for me to start checking some movies off of. So eventually I will post yet another list for us all to show off with. My ultimate goal for this is to be an animated film expert and put together a list of animated films I believe to be the best. That might be hard as there are some really great animated films. I imagine once the list is complete I’ll do a mini review of each one or I’ll update my recent viewings as Joe has done with the daily movie challenge. I think doing a podcast on this maybe a pretty cool idea, I’d have to get someone to do it with though. Expect an update or a new post on this subject.

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