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My Favorite RPGs

I bet you thought this was gonna be a top ten huh? Well it’s a lot like that except not. You see a top ten implies that I would put ten games here and that seems like too much excitement for one post so I’ll only do five. I love RPG games, but we all know that sometimes alot of those games can be repetitive or at least feel that way when they all play the same. This is why I believe so many people are fans of the Final Fantasy series (myself included). What Final Fantasy does best is not staying the same. Every entry to the series is different in that it brings something new to the gameplay aspect of the series. It is for that reason I bring up Final Fantasy, it is a long running series and to survive it has had to change and adapt developing new styles of gameplay. My personal favorite part of any game is the gameplay, a game doesn’t have to look amazing it doesn’t even have to have the best story as long as you have fun playing a game that is the most important part. Now to the point of this post I’m gonna list a few of my favorite RPGs that have unique gameplay styles, enjoy.


Okay so first up on the list here is Diablo 3. The gameplay of Diablo 3 has the basics of leveling up and loot. Where the game is unique is that each character class has their own set of abilities that they attain with leveling up, and those abilities are mapped to a certain button on the controller. These ability sets contain a few abilities per button, they also have five modifiers per ability. This grants a good amount of customization for each character and player.  This kind of customization for abilities along with the various attributes and powers of weapons and armor allow for a fun experience, while allowing you to build a character to the way you want to fight. After the game is beaten there is extra content in the form of bounties that are like mini missions, and rifts which are timed levels where you try to beat the boss before the timer runs out. There is also pvp where you can test your character against other players which isn’t something commonly seen in action RPGs or RPGs in general.



Next up is Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG in which you send units across a grid-like battlefield. Like in any RPG there is a leveling system, at certain levels and points in the game characters can upgrade their jobs and become better units. Fire Emblems units are unique in that each job type has a strength and a weakness against other job classes, so one must be careful where they send units adding somewhat of a level of  realism to the game not present in other tactical RPG games.



On to Valkyrie Profile. This game has one of the coolest battle systems I have ever seen. During the game you collect may different characters with their own weapons and abilities. the battle system for this game has you controlling all four of the party characters at one time with the square, circle, triangle, and X buttons. Each of the buttons controls a different character, and those characters have different amounts action points to perform moves. You can combo enemies and hit them with chain attacks. The game hides a vast complex combat system behind a simple looking one, and it pulls it off. Playing with the upgrades for each character allows for customizing combat abilities as well as exploration powers. There definitely aren’t many games like this one.



Fallout 3 will be next, and you may ask why Fallout over the Elder Scrolls? Well the answer to that is simply that they are the same, excluding one thing, and that is V.A.T.S. Now while the two series maybe very similar in gameplay V.A.T.S. is what makes Fallout a bit more unique. If you don’t know what V.A.T.S. is I’ll explain. It is a system in the game that pauses the enemies and allows you to target certain body parts of the body to shoot, it will tell you how likely you are to hit each part. Using this system is effective for taking out difficult opponents but you are limited by your action points and will have to wait to use it again when the points recharge. V.A.T.S. is also helpful for finding enemies around you. I love the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series for being first person RPGs but Fallout has a more unique feel overall.



Finally we come to The Witcher. In the First game the combat is quite different from two & three. Geralt has two swords, a silver sword for monsters and a steel sword for fighting other people. In the Witcher Geralt relies on three different fighting styles, the fast style used to take on nimble opponents, strong style used to combat large enemies, and the group style which obviously is used to fight groups of enemies at once. After landing a single hit on an opponent a timing event happens on the cursor where it lights up you click to continue the combo, if you click too soon or too late the combo ends. If a sign isn’t selected then you may parry attacks with a right-click otherwise it will use the selected sign. This is a really odd way to go about the combat in a rpg, especially when the sequels to the game are vastly different. However I really enjoyed the combat it felt fluid with the right timing. The game does have an issue with powerful enemies so there is a bit of a grind. There is a level progression, and you may choose which skills to upgrade depending on how you want to fight. Overall a really interesting battle system in an RPG.Tutorial_chaining_attacks


There you are five RPGs with unique gameplay I enjoy. I have many more RPGs that can go on this list and may have a new list all their own sometime in the future. ( You know how much we love the lists here at Geekdom Entertainment. )




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  1. Branny says:

    Good list man. Diablo 3 does have great gameplay. Gathering and equipmenting your character with newer and stronger gear gets addictive. It’s very satisfying to know your hard work and time paid off when you can mow down hoards of demons without trying.

    Valkyrie profile is a also a great game. I still need to beat it though. Lol

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