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Suicide Army: Suicide Squad Review

Well it happened. Kaleb and I saw Suicide Squad. Now I had hope for this movie, I really did. I was looking forward to Harley Quinn, and the Joker. Once again like with Batman VS Superman I shall give a list of thinks that suck/ don’t make sense from a fans, and a movie goers point of view.

  • The movie made it seem as though the Joker actually loves/ cares about Harley. The reason I don’t like this is because the Joker simply doesn’t. His obsession with the Batman is the only thing he genuinely cares for. His relationship with Harley is purely one-sided. She is a tool for him to use, and her love for him makes her easier to control. It is a terrible abusive relationship that is glorified in this film.
  • The movie does nothing to introduce the characters or give backgrounds to make us care outside of vague stat cards. these stat cards aren’t even given to all the characters.
  • No background or clear motive for Enchantress’ actions are given or explained. Enchantress’ brother hardly serves any purpose and is also given no motivation or history.
  • It felt like there were too many under lying stories going on. Harley’s escape with the Joker, Rick’s love for the woman the Enchantress possesses, Deadshot’s attempt to get back to his daughter, El Diablo’s desire to never use his powers. Basically the movie never knows who it wants to focus on leaving all the parts and characters feeling unexplored.
  • Katana shows up randomly in the movie and kind of has no point. Her back story is briefly told by Rick Flag to the other members, so again with no exploration of character.
  • Katana’s sword has the power to contain the souls of whoever it kills and yet when she cuts the enchantresses’ heart out the woman she possesses somehow survives. This power is mentioned when Katana shows up but is never used, this is an example of set up with no payoff.
  • Slipknot has so little purpose in the movie he is literally only there to die as a test from Captain Boomerang to see if the injections were really bombs.
  • All of the emotional scenes are saved for a bar right before they decide to go kill the bad guy, and it falls flat because you have no reason to care for any of the characters.
  • Batman’s run in with Deadshot felt like they put it in just to have a cameo.
  • Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex Luthor felt more like Joker than Leto’s version of the character. Leto’s Joker felt more like a weird-ass gang banger than the chaotic Clown Prince of Crime.
  • Margo Robbie’s Harley Quinn was treated more as a sex symbol than an awesome ass kicking partner to the Joker.

So overall would I rate it better than Batman VS Superman? No. It rates the same to me if only for the performance of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, she is honestly the best thing about Suicide Squad. The movie just felt hollow and I couldn’t get into it. There were too many characters and none really got to shine. The plot was also kinda flat, they create the Suicide Squad to fight beings like Superman. The are allowed to create this team because Waller shows them she has control over the Enchantress a being she describes as being capable of anything. They then lose control over Enchantress and she immediately tries to destroy the world after waking up her brother. So basically Waller fucks up right after she makes the team. It could have been a great movie, but a lot of  characters had no place at all pretty much making it a cluster fuck of cast members with a weak story. I think the only way to fully describe this would be to call it, charred toast with a very light spread of butter that you can’t even taste.

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